Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour

A thrilling experience awaits you on the adventure tour package by Java Authentic tours.

This volcano offers a savannah landscape, ruggedly beautiful panoramas, grand hiking, and a placid, brightly yellow crater lake. The summit of Mt. Ijen is a gorgeous crater filled with haunting turquoise blue lake with its surface streaked in the wind blow patterns of yellow sulfur vapor. By the crater lake edge, there is an evil smelling sulfur where local people digging and carrying 70-80 kg on their bare shoulders for 2 miles ascending and descending steep Mt. Ijen wall.


The blue fire is ignited sulphuric gas, which emerges from cracks with temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, The flames can be up to 5 meters (16 feet) high, some of the gas condenses to liquid and is still ignited. It is the largest blue flame area in the world and local people refer to it as ‘Blue Fire’









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