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Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world with 17.000 islands that make up the archipelago as a piece of paradise with enormous tropical rain forests, volcanoes, mysterious lakes, breath taking tropical beaches, terrace rice paddies, exotic flora & fauna. Indonesia is home for over 360 separate ethnic groups with unique cultures. All of these make Indonesia, a wealth of travel opportunities abounds.

Java Authentic Tour service is a provider of various of tour in East java. As a biggest province in java with full of culture and nature. we invite you to discover java by meet the people,  feel the tropical weather, see the culture, explore the nature and touch java island closely.

As one of tour operator in east java, we provide an assistant for your enjoyable tour in java. We take you to city light of java to the nature of mountain and forrest. We try to combine a tour as your request or let us assist you to arrange a tour, with a lot of combination beetwen nature, culture and pleasure. Including, Bromoijen tour, Baluran , Alas purwo, and Merubetiri national park, Plantation tour. We offer great services at very competitive rates and to ensure our costumers satisfaction.


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